Do you have a knack for taking pictures, sales, or marketing?  If you want to help us provide quality pictures and maybe make some money in the process, join us.  All we need is at least 3 examples of your work (for sales/marketing, 3 success stories), full name, email, and mailing address.  To use the form, it's best to insert 3 or so pictures into a document and upl.

Our employees are independent contractors and receive 100% of the profit from their sales or $10/hr.  Every contribution you make will be faithfully tracked.  Freebies go on our Facebook page, our PInterest page, and sometimes our Twitter feed or our Tumblr blog.  For-sale pieces will be featured here.  I make the final decision as to what is salable enough for this site.

You can email me at or use the form on this page.  If you email me, please use for the subject "Employment" and which position (photographer, sales rep, or marketer).  Assignments are likely to be sparse until we start getting more revenue.  Thanks!

We are proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer!